Feynline the Name

While nothing on the surface, a deeper look reveals the origins of the name Feynline and the philosophy behind how we operate. 

First, the name is a tribute to a famous scientist Richard Feynman, whose work in the areas of quantum electrodynamics earned him a Nobel prize in 1965. Feynman had the ability to take complex topics and convert them into common language for the wide audience while still contributing to the cutting edge research and advancement in the subject knowledge of humankind. His wits and relentless seeking of fundamentals of everything lead him to his fame, of which probably the most known appearance are the Feynman Lectures on Physics.

Secondly, the word "feyn" is a derivation from Middle English translating into something that is happy and glad. The name Feyn has been used as surname and a nickname for someone who  is happy and good-natured person. 

Third, the word "feyn" resembles the word "finn", an abbreviation of jolly good Finnish people with a positive and optimistic look for life. Slight inspiration might or might not have been taken from a Finnish ferry operator Finnlines. 

Lastly, the combination of Feynline resembles something as a hotline where happy and good-natured people with Richard Feynman's relentless attitude for understanding and sense-making is offered to everyone's use in the areas of scaling businesses and human minds.

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