How my life looks after investing over 300 000 euros in self-awareness?

Spending 1,5 years mostly thinking about life resulted into many new ways to look at my daily routines. Read below how I see my life today and how I fill my days.

Lassi Viitala

4/7/2022 2 min read

I invested over 300 000 euros in self-awareness during the last couple of years. Want to know how my life looks today? Here's how...

First, as you're going to ask anyways, how did I invest that much? Simple, I spent the time thinking of me and life instead of selling myself to others. Feel free to use my methods and tell me how it works for you!

At the core of my life is, well, me. And especially the self-awareness of myself. The understanding of the concept of "me" being just another narrative being created in my consciousness. Everything revolves around that wheel support axel. Heck, it's my life after all.

I try to spend some hour everyday reading. I believe in reading as much and as wide variety of subjects as possible. Not to memorize, but to widen my perspective and build my own understanding of the world. Reading is the food for my brain.

Once my brain is fed, I like to go for a walk. A long walk, 2-3 hours a day. We are mind-body creatures, and our brain likes the fresh air, nature, and the physical activity. This is a great time to take the food gathered in my brain and think. I like especially walking because it's boring. It frees up my brain to think. And it usually picks up from the ideas I read last.

After the walk, I usually burst crazy ideas. But they are very one-sided. All in my head. Hence, I seek to meet people. New people, old friends, anyone with whom I can be myself and get into deep conversation. Connecting with people as much as possible and chewing our ideas enriches our world views tremendously.

Finally, I write the refined ideas down. Sometimes as quick notes, sometimes as nearly book-like monoliths. The main benefit is that I get to process the ideas yet again in a structured manner. And I also happen to produce some shareable content that hopefully inspires someone else. And the cool thing is - I can read my own writings too! At this point, you might see how the cycle starts rolling. Rinse and repeat.

To keep things balanced, I need self-discipline. It keeps me focused on spending enough time equally on all areas. Another crucial task for my self-discipline is to get a grip from the physical world. After all, our bodies need enough sleep and nutrition to keep the brain going. That's the grounding for all.

Lastly, I run this wheel through the life with passion and purpose. Passion fires it all up and energizes the system. Purpose pushes me forward like a breeze of wind when I'm low in energy and the grip is slipping.

And what's my purpose? I want to be consciously present and help others forward.

Now you ask, who has time for all this, several hours every day. Seriously?? Yeah.. that's why I said I invested in myself. Should you do too?